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Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Sun Mar 5 06:38:17 UTC 2006

At 06:17 PM 3/4/2006, Jason C. Wells wrote:
>Glenn Dawson wrote:
>>What sort of cable are you using?  Does it have all the control 
>>lines connected? or just tx/rx data?

(forgive me if this sounds like nitpicking)

>This marks the first time I ever busted out my multimeter to work on
>FreeBSD.  :)  Here is a pin to pin map of the DB9 connectors that I am

Connectors or adapters?  What about the cable itself?  Or, does the 
info below cover everything that's linking the two serial ports?


>According to a couple online pinout maps this is a proper null modem
>cable.  If I understand your question correctly, this cable has all the
>control lines connected.
>Jason C. Wells
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