Charlie Sorsby crs at
Sun Mar 5 03:13:46 UTC 2006


Wouldn't it be nice if, when a product (e.g. leafnode in this case)
is ported to freeBSD -- not sure why this particular one needs to
be ported but... -- the porter would either adhere to the man pages
or would change the man pages to agree with the changes made?

I've used leafnode and it's progeny for many years.  I just updated
to freeBSD 4.11 (no, I'm not going to update to 5.x much less 6.x)
and had to re-install leafnode.  Even made a partition for
/var/spool/news so that it won't fill up the other spool

Guess what?  That partition is totally empty?  Why?, I asked myself.
According to the man pages, that's where it should be putting the
news articles.  But a search reveals that they're going to a
directory called /var/spool/leafnode.

Is it really asking too much that software in teh packages and
ports collections should agree with the manpages that come with
that software?

It's very frustrating to find man pages that may as well be for
different programs instead of the documentation for what has been

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