forward hosted domain / subdomain to local box

Pete C bsdneo at
Sat Mar 4 12:25:23 PST 2006

I have a hosted domian at (I believe they run FreeBSD, 
although the helpdesk personell are confuse because they call it their 
'Linux Plan', go figure, anyhoo . . .) and I'd like to host a subdomain 
locally . . . problem is I'm behind a DHCP cable modem (w/ OptimumOnline) 
and a FreeBSD gateway running PF . . . 

 . . at the hosted domain, I have access to DNS records, and the 'control 
panel' has alias and redirect options, but require an ip or hostname . . . I 
reversedDNS'd my current ip to but I don't 
know if hostname changes with the ip . . . 

 . . in a bit over my head on this one . . . 

 . . any 'easy' way to do this . . . no, really ;) 

Pete C 

I love my country, but fear my government.

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