Problems with SCSI

Rod Person rodperson at
Sat Mar 4 05:43:12 PST 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 9:58 pm, David LeCount wrote:
> I recently purchased a Tyan S2895 motherboard and more
> recently a Hitachi SCSI drive. I'm trying like hell to

I just got my new workstation 2 days ago with the Tyan S2895
motherboard. Mine is the K8WE with the LSI 1030 U320 SCSI adapter built in.
To get this to boot 6.0 I had to do the following.

In the BIOS:

1. Disable the SLAVE MAC(NIC). Advanced->Integrated Devices->Slave Devices 

2. Disable IEEE 1394(firewire). Advanced->PCI Configuration->Integrated 1394 

With my drive, which was a pull from my old workstation, I had kernel built 
that did not have the mpt drive for the LSI adapter so during boot I choose 
option 6 and the issused the command:
	load mpt

Then all booted fine.

Although you disable the slave nic (my board has 2 nics) the primary still 
work as long as you load the if_nve kernel module.

Rod Person

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