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Sat Mar 4 02:54:54 PST 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 10:11, Steve P. wrote:
> Is there a url that explains what is on the second ISO image for 6.0
> release ISO 2? Could not really find it explained on
See, especially point
2.6 :

2.6 Release Engineering and Integration

In prior FreeBSD releases, the disc1 CD-ROM (or ISO image) was a bootable
installation disk containing the base system, ports tree, and common
packages. The disc2 CD-ROM (or ISO image) was a bootable "fix it" disk with
live filesystem, to be used for making emergency repairs. This layout has now
changed. For all architectures except ia64, the disc1 image now contains the
base system distribution files, ports tree, and the live filesystem, making
it suitable for both an initial installation and repair purposes. (On the
ia64, the live filesystem is on a separate disk due to its size.) Packages
appear on separate disks; in particular, the disc2 image contains commonly
packages such as desktop environments. Documents from the FreeBSD
Documentation Project also appear on disc2. [MERGED]


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