AFS in FreeBSD 5.4 or 6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sat Mar 4 01:31:11 PST 2006

openafs has a compiled binary for FreeBSD 6.0 on their website,
have either of you even tried it, or are you going to just write
it off without even seeing it it works at all?


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>Around about Wed, 1 Mar 2006 16:20:46 -0500 Garance A Drosihn commented:
>>At 6:27 PM +0000 2/28/06, Craig Ryhorchuk wrote:
>>>  I am looking for specific instructions on installing,
>>>maintaining and using AFS with FreeBSD 5.4 or 6.  I want to set
>>>up one or more servers and make them available to clients running
>>>whatever O/S.  I think Arla has the client side covered if
>>>necessary, but all I can find for server-side is a downloadable
>>>instruction-free bundle for 6.0 on the OpenAFS site.  There are
>>>specific instructions for other supported O/Ss but none for FreeBSD.
>>>I have Googled and searched; not exhaustively I hope.  There has
>>>to be something out there.
>>I think there are some people who run openafs servers on FreeBSD,
>>but probably just people who already know enough about running
>>OpenAFS servers that it is "obvious" (to them) what you would
>>need to do.
>>The problem is that the openafs client-side for FreeBSD never
>>gets quite to the point of working.  So, the number of openafs
>>users on freebsd never reaches critical mass to get some of the
>>less exciting work done -- such as OS-specific documentation...
>Thanks for the info.  That's a bummer.  I thought this might be the
>perfect solution to a business problem, but if this is the
>state of it, I
>guess the idea is a non-starter.
>*sigh* - I guess it's back to linux again.
>I know.  I need to port it myself and not complain, but I claim to be
>a sysadmin and not a kernel hacker.
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