saslauthd problems

Greg Groth ggroth99 at
Fri Mar 3 23:35:35 PST 2006

I wrote a while back that I was having difficulty getting SMTP-AUTH running 
on a BSD box, and could not get it to work correctly.  I happy to report 
that I have located the problem, and thought I'd post the solution in case 
anyone else runs into this.  My configuration on one box worked fine, yet 
the second one wouldn't.  The problem turned out to be nothing to do with 
the box at all, but the firewall.  The server that worked is sitting behind 
IPCop, and the one that wouldn't is behind a pix box.  Apparently Cisco has 
a "smtp fix-up" that mangles EHLO (  Once this 
"feature" was deactivated, everything worked just fine.  I didn't catch this 
first time around because I didn't have the log options for sendmail set 
high enough to show the mangled EHLO command.

Greg Groth

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