Trivial query: the GUI for wpa_supplicant

Joe Altman fj at
Fri Mar 3 20:00:54 PST 2006


I've started to configure my Atheros card, and during that process
visited the hostap site <>
after installing the wpa_supplicant port.

During my reading, I noticed that there exists a GUI for hostap,
wpa_gui; and I also noticed that the code for the GUI is not in the
ports work directory. There is some code listed here, for the
developer version which looks like it's tagged at 0.4:


Currently, wpa_supplicant is at version 0.3.8; so I wonder if anyone
who talks with Sam Leffler (or reads a different list, where it was
mentioned) knows if, or when, that code will be imported into the
wpa_supplicant tree? It looks like it will be sometime after March
6th, if that soon.

For those who are interested, screenshots are here:


Has anyone had an opportunity to try it on some other OS?

Thanks in advance.

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