How do you mount a floppy?

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Fri Mar 3 16:47:28 PST 2006

On 3/3/06, Nikolas Britton <nikolas.britton at> wrote:
> On 3/3/06, Jose Borquez <bsdlists at> wrote:
> > How do you add a floppy device and then mount a floppy in FreeBSD?
> >
> Mount a floppy??
> FreeBSD cammands:
>   whatis foobar
>   man foobar
>   whereis foobar
> You will have to search for it becouse this is the most basic of
> questions and you should have done your homework before you posted
> this message. I've giving you all the tools you will need to solve
> this problem on your own. Good luck :-).

Hey, I found the answer... Ok I'll give you a hint, it's in the
FreeBSD Handbook.

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