Haven't been able to make world in about a year

Donald J. O'Neill duncan.fbsd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 07:09:15 PST 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 08:08, Kristian Vaaf wrote:
> Sorry sorry sorry, I am so very sorry.
> http://www.home.no/hedhnta/result.txt is indeed online now.
> Also, strangely, my other FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE box (I have two) also
> errors out on build world. Different error though.
> Please also see http://www.home.no/hedhnta/result_2.txt
> The file was originally 8MB or so, so I had to cut it down a little.
> Basically, what I really need to do (among all these brilliant tips
> and tricks I've received) is to run mergemaster before I start
> making?
> One question, however, is it possible to make mergemaster install new
> files automatically except the ones that I've edited? That is, the
> ones without a FreeBSD
> CVS $Id$ tag? Normally, or actually in all cases, I say yes to
> install newer versions of all files except the ones that are part of
> my custom configuration.
> Well, that's it.
> Again I'm sorry for standing you guys up with the upload.
> All the best,
> Vaaf
Alright Kristian, why don't you post your supfile, make.conf, rc.conf, 
output of uname -a, a description of what equipment your doing this 
with, what you're trying to accomplish and why, what you're doing to 
make this come about, what you expected to happen, what did happen. How 
you're taking all the advice you've been given and bending it to suit 
yourself - which, I have to tell you, IS NOT WORKING, or you would be 
singing a different tune. 

How can you take the advice that I gave you, which has worked for me 
since FreeBSD 4.4, and it doesn't work for you. What about the advice 
that others gave you that was similar to mine and should have the same 
outcome. You're obviously doing something wrong. I would think you 
would want to successfully get through at least one buildworld sequence 
before screwing with things. 


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