Boot delay at floppy drive capacity check

Chandan Haldar chandanh at
Fri Mar 3 06:39:41 PST 2006

My FreeBSD 6.0 Release waits for over 20 seconds with the empty floppy
drive LED lit up when it checks the capacities of the storage devices
(towards the end of dmesg) at boot.  This happens right after the two
fixed hard disks ad0 and ad1 checked and before the rest of the USB
storage devices are checked for capacity.  If I push a floppy disk
into the drive it exits the waiting at once and continues.

It seems to me there is a retry limit for checking each storage device
capacity.  Is there a kernel parameter to set to decrease the retry
limit for the floppy drive capacity check so that it exits as soon as
it fails to probe the capacity of the drive on the first few tries?
Any other solution?  This isn't a show-stopper, but certainly is an


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