Writing CDs on a DVD drive.

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Thu Mar 2 05:55:04 PST 2006

Malcolm Kay wrote:
> It is not very clear what utilities are capable of writing R or 
> RW CDs on a multipurpose optical drive. It seems that burncd 
> doesn't do this and the man pages for growisofs talks of 
> specific DVD media types but not CDs.
> Is cdrecord a suitable tool for this purpose?

Even burncd ought to be able to burn a standard CD-R or a blank CD-RW...did you
forget to use "fixate" or DAO burning mode?  cdrecord ought to work also.

> And a (sort of) related question, will growisofs write double or 
> dual layer DVDs? The man page does make mention of a write limit 
> of 4+GB but I see this can be turned off. Is this enough to 
> enable writing dual/double layer medis?

The most recent versions of growisofs supports burning dual-layer DVDs, both
DVD-R and DVD+R.

If you're trying to burn things larger than 4GB, the program may not be able to
generate the .iso image dynamicly on the fly from a directory tree, so if you
have problems, create the .iso image as a file first and then burn it
separately.  I haven't heard about this problem happening (often?) under
FreeBSD, however:

 * 5.20:
[ ... ]
 * - DVD+R Double Layer support;
 * - -use-the-force-luke=4gms to allow ISO9660 directory structures
 *   to cross 4GB boundary, the option is effective only with DVD+R DL
 *   and for data to be accessible under Linux isofs a kernel patch is
 *   required;
 * - more sane sanity check for -use-the-force-luke=tracksize:N;
 * - -use-the-force-luke=break:size to set Layer Break position for
 *   Double Layer recordings;
 * - speed verification issue with 8x AccessTek derivatives addressed;
 * - -use-the-force-luke=noload to leave tray ejected at the end;
 * - allow to resume incomplete sessions recorded with -M option;
 * - Layer Break position sanity check with respect to dataset size;
 * - #if directive to get rid of sudo check at compile time with
 * 5.21:
 * - Linux: fix for kernel version 2.6>=8, 2.6.8 itself is deficient,
 *   but the problem can be worked around by installing this version
 *   set-root-uid;
 * 6.0:
 * - fix for DVD+R recordings in Samsung TS-H542A;
 * - DVD-R Dual Layer DAO and Incremental support;
[ ... ]


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