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Wed Mar 1 03:33:46 PST 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Steel City Phantom wrote:

> I have followed every howto i can find on getting printing to work with cups. 
> i finally gave up and plugged the printer into my windows machine and shared 
> it there.  now, my wife's Linspire machine can see it and print fine 
> (Linspire uses kde 3.4, cups, samba share).  Now my fresh new bsd 6 machine 
> can't see the same smb share.  I go add printer, SMB Shared Printer, put in 
> the user administrator and password, click on the refresh to see all the 
> workgroups, workgroup shows fine, open the windows server workgroup and no 
> server.  i go to a command prompt and do a smbclient -U bla -L server and i 
> see a list of all shares, including the hidden ones and the printer i wish to 
> print to. 
> If i type the information in manually, then it adds the printer to cups but 
> shows the status as stopped.
> I have tried every combination of this i can think of, nothing seems to work. 
> you guys have any ideas?
Yes, two:
1) You could buy one of these small ready-to-use printer servers
    (20 - 30 EUR around here). They will serve each computer
    seperately via network and - you don't need to have a whole
    computer up and running.
2) Most people don't know Cups can work as a printer server
    without the help of Samba. If you were able to set up Cups on
    one machine (either FreeBSD or Linux) it could serve the
    others (even Windows) via network.



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