update info on ports

Gábor Kövesdán gabor at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jul 30 09:49:12 UTC 2006

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> Normally I upgrade my ports if I see new versions.
> But now I have a question: I saw a new apache22 version (apache-2.2.2_1)
> but on the apache site I could not find anything related to security bugs
> or whatever. I *did* find a version 2.2.3 though (not yet in ports!)
> So now I wonder, what is the difference of port apache-2.2.2 and the
> latest one "apache-2.2.2_1"
> Imho it should be nice to have some kind of info file in the port telling
> the reasons to upgrade. Does anyone know?
> Or should I just wait for apache-2.2.3 (can't be that long).
You can check the cvs commit logs, to determine what has changed:


As you can see, the mod_rewrite vulnerability is already fixed in 
2.2.2_1, but it's still 2.2.2.



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