Promise Technology RAID Controller

Eric heli at
Thu Jul 27 17:51:30 UTC 2006

> I did not see it listed and afaik there is no official support.  The nearest thing I saw was a manual entry on ataraid from quite a while back suggesting that RAID 5 wasn't supported, but I was wondering if anyone had managed to get any success with the card (since from my understanding ataraid is for OS controlled RAID and I'm looking at a hardware/firmware controller). Also, I did forget to mention that the system in question is FreeBSD 6.1 and I'm looking to boot off of this array (although if anyone was a working system that won't boot from the array I'm still interested).

best bet is a 3ware card or Areca. Both work well from what i have seen
on the list and I use 3ware cards in a few of the machines i manage.
They work out of the box.

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