What FreeBSD users really want

Henry Lenzi henry.lenzi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 00:37:46 UTC 2006

> There are major debates in the Linux community about the supposed
> user-friendly behaviour of Gnome and KDE, and whether it's truly friendly.
> Personally, I'd be happy with a button to mount my devices, instead of
> automounting.

 Yes, I agree. But you see, sometimes its hard to explain to people
why I use FreeBSD. Linux has solved those little glitches, and is
prefectly usable (I hope I am spared of the "Huh, why dontcha use
Leenoox kne-jerk reaction - obviously because I like FreeBSD better -
but what I can put up with is not the same as the non-geek user can).
 Let's hope these areas get a little better...And BTW, you can't even
pretend FreeBSD will get more media coverage if they don't...


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