freebsd livecd and pentium 1

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Mon Jul 24 14:50:43 UTC 2006

> That is pretty small.   At the bare minimum level, you might be
> able to get it up and running, but not be able to do much of any
> real work on it without more memory.
> You didn't mention the amount of disk on the machine, but if you want
> to run X (needed for a Gui) then it will take more that a couple of GB
> and if you want KDE or Gnome to manage your Gui, it will take even more.
> I don't remember if Pentium I will do the trick or not, but probably
> will, just awfully slowly.

A P1 with 32MB should be sufficient albeit painful, but I wouldn't use
any large scale desktop/window managers (such as KDE/Gnome), I'd
probably use one of the light weights like TWM (and ION?), or maybe a
medium weight (WMaker?), and no more.

A memory upgrade is strongly recommended if possible.

-Jim Stapleton

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