Slow Write Performance on 3ware controller

Richard Collyer richard at
Sun Jul 23 09:41:10 UTC 2006

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> That would be unacceptable in my book. Whats the load on the system?
> Is the 3ware 9500S in a regular PCI 33MHz/32-bit slot?
> Motherboard/CPU?

The motherboard is an Intel N440BX running 2 PIII 600MHZ (feel the 
power). FreeBSD version is 5.4

32 bit PCI not sure if they are 33/66Mhz as I dont have the manual to 
hand. Now the card is in the bottom PCI slot which is the only place it 
would fit becuase of the 7006-2 above it and the way that the standard 
IDE connectors are mounted.

Would moving the top card to the bottom slot and putting the 9500S-12 in 
the top slot screw with FreeBSD in anyway or will it just accept the 
changes and keep on going? I know windows has an issue with this and 
wants you to reinstall drivers and such like if you move cards around.


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