im about to sit down an read the entire postfix manuals...

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Sat Jul 22 21:21:04 UTC 2006

becuase i want to know if it supports a specific feature or not.  so before i 
do and spend all that time, i just thought i would ask a simple question or 2 
to this list.

my problem: i have 5 domains that my sendmail server recieves mail for, and im 
starting to get spammed at name1 at as well as name1 at etc 
etc.  realistically, name1 only needs to receive at domain1, and none of the 
others.  there are many other accounts that only need to recieve at other 
specific domains, and not at any of them.

before i go an burn up a lot of time reading about postfix, is there a way i 
can solve this problem within sendmail?  if not, will researching in postfix 
eventually lead me to the solution im looking for?  if i can fix it within 
sendmail, id just as soon perfer to stay with that, but ill switch if i have 


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