Run existing FreeBSD installation inside jail

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Fri Jul 21 16:50:12 UTC 2006

On Jul 21, 2006, at 7:34 AM, Mikhail Vladimirov wrote:

> Hello.
> I own server which runs FreeBSD 4.x-STABLE (last updated 27 March
> 2006).  I want to update it to 6.x-STABLE.  I known, that update via
> sources is not recommended in my situation, so I want to do clear
> installation.  The problem is the following: there is many ports
> installed, many Internet sites hosted on old system and so on.  It
> will take a lot of time to configure new system to do all things,
> which old system was doing.  But I don't want that services do be not
> accessible for a long time.

Remember that the 6.1 system needs to have all the compat stuff in  
the kernel, installed ports, etc so that the older libraries are  
available and things link etc.

Don't know if it will work or is more hassle than not anyway but it  
sounds interesting :-)

I did something somewhat similar.  I was moving a customers dedicated  
machine from gentoo linux to FreeBSD.  I set up a FreeBSD jail and  
copied all his config files for everything (apache, mailman, exim,  
etc) and got everything running inside the jail (my jails share a / 
usr/public and I had the sw already installed, apache, eixm, etc so I  
just had to make sure everything ran with his configs). I could then  
take my time in switching the whole box to FreeBSD...  Setting up the  
jail and getting everything to run in my case was only a few hours.


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