termcap problems

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Thu Jul 13 12:21:04 UTC 2006

Alex Push <naberegu at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi All,
> I recently got FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE on my server, and a couple of days
> ago I started getting this message when I ssh in:
> csh: Cannot open /etc/termcap
> csh: using dumb terminal settings
> This yields a very limited terminal -- I can execute basic commands,
> but can't open vi/vim ("vi: No terminal database found"), etc.
> I checked  /etc/termcap, and it is a symlink to /usr/share/misc/
> termcap, and that file *does* exist. I don't think it's a permissions
> problem since both termcap and termcap.db are readable to all users (- 
> r--r--r--). I rebuilt the termcap.db file (in /usr/share/misc/
> termcap)  by running "cap_mkdb termcap", but this didn't fix the
> terminal.
> I also tried rebuilding and reinstalling the termcap source from /usr/
> src/share/termcap, but I am still getting this error, and it's making
> my box pretty unusable.
> Any thoughts? Thanks a lot in advance.

Any chance that the sshd or user shell are chroot'd?

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