Installing Oracle Client 10g on FreeBSD

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jul 12 16:31:19 UTC 2006

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I'm running FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE and I want to run a current Oracle 
client-only with encryption support.

First, I installed the Oracle client port, which represents Oracle 7. But 
my database support person tells me that's quite old and, in fact, he 
couldn't be sure it would work (especially the encryption part) with the 
Oracle database I'd be using (which he helps support).  And I was getting 
some strange symptoms when I tested it.

So, he recommended that I download the Oracle 10g Client for Linux. Since 
my FreeBSD system is configured for Linux compatibility, I'm hoping this 
will work.  However, I can't even get the Installer to complete!  It keeps 
telling me that I may not have enough space in my root partition, even 
though I'm not trying to install into the root partition.  (The partition 
in which I'm installing has lots of space).

In addition, I should say that the machine on which this Oracle client 
will be installed is not running X Windows.  This means I can't use the 
installation menus, so I've been running the Installation tool with a 
'response file'.  The response file, however, doesn't have much 
flexibility.  In particular, when I'm told I may not have enough space, it 
asks me if I want to continue, but there's no way for me to reply 'yes' 
from the response file.

In any case, based on the installation logs, it really looks like the 
Installation tool is looking at the root partition for how much space is 

I've found in the FreeBSD handbook an article on installing Oracle 8.0. 
But it appears that there have been changes with 10g.  Also, those 
instructions seem to assume a server install, so they talk about setting 
some shared memory values and other things that may not apply to me 

Do I have any other options?  I don't want to install the full Oracle 
package (client and server), just the client, so that I can write some 
perl scripts to query a remote Oracle database.

Any suggestions?



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