Producing a binary install

Micah micahjon at
Tue Jul 11 18:28:25 UTC 2006

Bob wrote:
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> First I would like to thank all of you who helped me out on my
> "Java-Hell" issue. I now have a working native jdk.1.4.2.
> It took a bit of doing, and many hours of compile time, but it finally
> worked. It did bomb once, about 4 hours into the compile, and demanded I
>   do a  kldload linprocfs, followed by a mount -t linprocfs linprocfs
> /compat/linux/proc, claiming it needed a proc fs to compile. I assume
> this was needed for the compile-time, and not for the run-time???
> Anyway, java now works in all browsers.
> My next task here is to upgrade another workstation to freebsd. The
> woman I live with wants to dump her Linux, and have what I have as well :-)
> My question:
> I will be installing her machine mainly from pre-compiled packages, as
> it is not a dual-processor fast box like mine is.
> Java, and other packages are not available in pre-compiled form. Since I
> already compiled Java, is there a way to produce a binary-install on my
> machine, and install it on her machine? Simply tar up the dir perhaps?
> We have limited bandwidth (DSL) and so it would make sense to do a basic
> install for her over the net, and then do the rest of the install
> locally from stuff I compiled. Not everything, just BIG stuff like Java,
> KDE, Gnome the browsers....
> Bob

There is a binary of Java at, but I haven't 
tried it.

Otherwise doing a 'make package' after the port has been installed will 
create a package for you. You should then be able to install the package 
on the other machine using pkg_add.


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