Linksys router and ssh time outs ...

Eric eric at
Sat Jul 8 15:42:37 UTC 2006

User Freebsd wrote:
>> Putty has an option to send keep alives every few seconds as does 
>> SecureCRT.
> Those are, ummm, Windows clients, right? :)
> I'm using OpenSSH on a FreeBSD desktop ... does it have similar? :)

it should, but i havent played with it. i found this tho:

For ssh2, you can choose the time in sshd_config by setting the
ClientAlive* options.  For ssh1, you need to tweak the system timers
on either the server or client system; this is of course system-dependent.

ClientAlive* are ssh protocol keepalives: the server and the client
exchange encrypted messages to test and maintain the connection. This
is more useful than tcp keepalives in some applications.

Checkout "man 5 sshd_config" and look for "ClientAliveInterval" and  

might be worth playing with.

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