Urgent: Downgrading from 6.X to 5.X?

RW list-freebsd-2004 at morbius.sent.com
Sun Jul 2 01:51:50 UTC 2006

On Sunday 02 July 2006 02:34, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> How can I downgrade from 6.1 Stable to 5.5 Stable?
> Having all type of problems with NFS. Both with the server and the client.
> >From what I read on the stable list others are having simmilar problems,
> but don't see any mention of fixes.
> I need to downgrade a number of machines from 6.1 Stable to 5.5 stable
> What do I need to do?
> cvsup to 5.5 stable?

Why are you using 6.1 Stable? It's a development branch that isn't intended 
for production use.

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