Jagged Alliance 2 for Linux on FreeBSD not working

Iwan Gabovitch wanjaworm at web.de
Sun Jan 29 09:49:57 PST 2006

I hope it is ok to post such a problem in this list.

I have installed Jagged Alliance 2 for Linux using the setup.sh on the  
first disc and then tried to play it, mounting the game disc to the  
directory the installation disc was mounted to whilst installation and  
also to /cdrom, as wanted by the readme.
When I go to /var/games/ja2 , where the game is installed and run ./ja2 ,  
the output equals:

$ ./ja2
Jagged Alliance 2

(c) 1999 by Sir-tech Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.
Jagged Alliance is registered trademark of 1259191 Ontario Inc.
You must mount the Jagged Alliance 2 for Linux game disk.

Can I be helped?...

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