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> > Hi.  Does anyone know how I can set up my 5.4 system to output French
> > characters?  If so, how?
> You can set the LANG environment variable.  For example setting it to
> fr_CA.ISO8859-1 will produce French Canadian error messages with
> ISO8859-1 characters.
> You can see all the available locales with 'locale -a' command.
> You might need to change the screen fonts for other languages, but the
> default ISO8859-1 set works fine.  
> Only programs that are locale aware will actually output French, others
> will continue to output English.

Well I changed the LANG variable and my keyboard still outputs English. 
Ideally I would like to toggle between an English keyboard and a French
one.  I got one suggestion to use the kbdcontrol command but that too does
has no effect.  Although when I tried the equivalent method of setting it
up in /etc/rc.conf via the keymap variable and rebooted, the console
(before startx) was affected (the key bindings were still wrong) but when
I entered X-windows I was back to where I started.



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