Blocking an individual email address....again

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Feb 16 10:39:22 PST 2006

To debug this you need to kick up the logging on sendmail, add the loglevel 
option to your sendmail options in rc.conf:
-O LogLevel=80

You will need a loglevel value fairly high, like 80.  You can then watch or 
just look at the sendmail log file:

And see what is actually happening.

You should be aware that there are typically 2 to 3 separate instances of 
sendmail running passing the mail around.

Hope this helps.


At 09:39 AM 2/16/2006, James Csoka wrote:
>I'm reposting this with some more info.....any help would be greatly
>I have a mail server (it also functions as a firewall) running freebsd5.4,
>with mailscanner, openwebmail, and sendmail.  I wish to block an individual
>email address, but I do not want to mark it as spam.  My first solution was
>to add the blacklist feature to the file, and recreate the .cf
>file, which I did.  I then added the line To:user at  REJECT to the
>/etc/mail/access file, and ran make maps.  I also had added the line
>user at  REJECT.
>This then blocked that address from sending email to people on my internal
>network.  When I tested it from outside my network I used openwebmail as a
>web interface to send email to that address, and it failed.  Which was what
>I wanted.  However, from inside my network, using Outlook, you can send
>email to that address without a problem.
>It seems as if the access.db is doing it's job.  When using openwebmail, the
>smtp server rejects any attempt to send mail to that address.  however,
>locally, it does not.  When i'm sitting in front of my windows client, I can
>use Outlook and send email to that address without a problem.
>Does anyone know why via a web interface, the access file rules would apply,
>yet they would be ignored when sending mail from inside the network using
>Outlook to send external email?
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