gnupg: discarding older version

Gerard Seibert gerard at
Sun Dec 31 05:38:31 PST 2006

 	/usr/sbin/pkg_version -vIL=
produces this output:

gnupg-1.4.6_2                       <   needs updating (index has 2.0.1)

 	pkgdb -Fv
produces this output:

Checking for origin duplicates
Duplicated origin: security/gnupg - gnupg-1.4.6_2 gnupg-2.0.1
Unregister any of them? [no]

This is from the /usr/ports/UPDATING file:

    AFFECTS: users of security/gnupg
    AUTHOR: kuriyama at

    The security/gnupg port was upgraded to 2.0.1 (with security fix)
    and good-old gnupg-1.4.6 was repocopied to security/gnupg1.

    Both of security/gnupg (2.x) and security/gnupg1 (1.4.x) are
    designed not to conflict with each other.  So you can use
    security/gnupg1 for gpg(1), and use security/gnupg for gpg2(1)

    All directly dependents are $PORTREVISION bumped, so portupgrade -R
    gnupg will works fine.  After portupgrade, you will have both of
    gnupg-2.0.1 and gnupg-1.4.6.

Obviously, I now have both versions installed on my PC. My question is 
should I simply answer (YES) and unregister the older version of this 
program, or simply leave both versions installed. If I unregister the 
older version, will it cause any problems?



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