where to get the iso c90 compiler?

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at FreeBSD.org
Thu Dec 28 11:42:32 PST 2006

deeptech71 at gmail.com schrieb:
> Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>> Does the lang/gcc41 port work for you?
> I don't know I don't care. I want to learn more about compilation 
> processes, get to know UNIX-like systems more, and whatever. So I've 
> downloaded the source for gcc, and the README says that I need the ISO 
> C90 compiler. Where do I get that? OK it looks like I can compile gcc 
> 4.1 with an older gcc, but that's not my choice.
> [ But if that's the case, how was the first gcc compiled? xD ]
> [ How was the first ever compiler compiled? xD               ]
C90 is not a specific compiler, it's a standard, see:

[Fistly, people wrote code in pure binary language. Then assembly were 
invented and later they wrote higher level languages in assembly.]


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