Flash in freebsd

Dan Sikorsky dan at cupid.com
Wed Dec 27 04:43:47 PST 2006

Hey I got  linux-oper/linux-firefox, and for a minute it seemed regular 
firefox worked as well,
then i started messing with plugns lol, but the linux-twins still work, 
I just have that problem everyone has... no sound, Im using OSS as my 
sound system.
however firefox+oogle lets me download the movies right off 
youtube/google / anywhere so
its an effective workaround, if anyone has any tips on the sound 
problem, I'd be very happy

thank you all


Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
> On 12/26/06, Dan Sikorsky <dan at cupid.com> wrote:
>> How?
>> I've heard stories of linux-opera and linux-flashplayer7 .... didnt work
>> for me
>> do I have to mess with plug in files ?
> Try linux-firefox if you're desperate. linux-flashplugin7
> works pretty much out of the box with it. Peruse mailing
> lists archives and you'll get it working with firefox,
> opera, linux-opera and a bunch of other browsers.
> Good luck!
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