acrobatviewer [solved]

Stevan Tiefert stevan-tiefert at
Thu Dec 21 19:12:04 PST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2006 11:38 schrieb Garrett Cooper:
> Warren has a point. If it isn't supported by Adobe anymore, the thing
> with it being broken is pretty much moot.
> Is there a specific reason why you wanted to look at PDFs with a java
> app instead of a binary?
> -Garrett

First: If it is not supported anymore from Adobe, than we should kill 
this port from the ports-tree.

Second: There was no special interest in using a java-app instead of a 
native binary. It was a pitty to try a veryyyy oooold port... :-(

I will gave up and use kpdf...

Regards and thanks for help
Stevan Tiefert

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