sata2 problem

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Thu Dec 21 17:07:11 PST 2006

I didnot catch the first email however,
I had SATA HD installation case, and it was slow during install.
I relized its SATA problem, because when i changed to IDE it works good.
anyway, i replaced the IDE to SATA back, and after the installation was 
i updated my FreeBSD 6.1R to RELENG_6_1 which will build the security and 
fixes only..
and the slow boot problem, has gone, and everything worked great after.

It would be nice of you, to give it a try and report for us.

-Marwan Sultan

>On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 15:18:07 +1000 Dimon wrote:
> > I have bought Samsung SATA-II HDD 80G 7200. I wanted to install
> > FreeBSD 6.1 (i386) on it, but when i try to, installation is going
>As nobody has answered yet, I can advice you to try to install
>FreeBSD 6.2-RC1. It contains _many_ fixes. Post the results here.
> > very very slow. I thought that the problem is with my CD, but i have
> > succesfully installed FreeBSD on my IDE HDD from that CDs. And it's
> > work well, except that it doesn't work with my Samsung SATA-II HDD.
> > When i try to mount fat32 partition from that SATA-II HDD, FreeBSD is
> > halted (or hangs) (start "thinking" very very slow). So i don't know
> > what to do.
> > "atacontrol mode ad4" says - current mode = SATA 300
> > I have not configured kernel yet.
>[dmesg was here]

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