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Warren Block wrote:
>> Stevan Tiefert wrote:
>> I have installed acrobatviewer-1.1 and diablo-jre-
>> Each time I want to use acrobatviewer, this message appears:
>> $ AcrobatViewer
>> expr: illegal option -- r
>> usage: expr [-e] expression
>> $ AcrobatViewer redbook.pdf
>> expr: illegal option -- r
>> usage: expr [-e] expression
>> $
> [Suggestions of using xpdf or kpdf...]
>> this thread is confusing me... An example: If I ever would have a
>> problem with the FreeBSD-Kernel you would suggest me to use a
>> linux-kernel?
>> I have a problem with acrobatviewer... I wanted maybe a hint or
>> solution with my problem and not alternatives.
> Some people would read your question as "What can I use to view PDFs?"
> They're trying to help.  Nobody has suggested acroread yet, which also
> works.
> As to your original question, there are several problems with with
> escaping and quoting in the AcrobatViewer shell script.  That whole
> script is a problem.  What it's supposed to do is set up an environment
> to actually run the Java code.
> You can run it directly:
> java -cp acrobat.jar com.adobe.acrobat.Viewer Exception in thread "main"
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/apple/mrj/MRJAboutHandler
> (The same error shows up when you run the "LAX" version set up by the
> shell script.)
> Web searching led to this:
> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

Warren has a point. If it isn't supported by Adobe anymore, the thing
with it being broken is pretty much moot.

Is there a specific reason why you wanted to look at PDFs with a java
app instead of a binary?

- -Garrett
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