OpenBSM on 6.2-RC1

Hugo Silva hugo at
Thu Dec 14 16:52:56 PST 2006

Hi list,

I'm experimenting with OpenBSM and I'm stuck on something. I've read the 
manpages and the handbook section related to it, so either I'm missing 
something obvious, or it doesn't work properly yet.

audit_control (relevant part):


I had fm,fd on my username as a test, for chmod and trying to remove 
files. These don't get logged at all. The only thing I've seen thru 
praudit is su'ing to root (which gets logged, regardless if I input the 
right password or not). The expected result (at least from my basic 
knowledge of OpenBSM's  syntax, I've been around this for a few hours 
only) would be logging every success and every failure from my username.

I am not using console logins, this is over SSH. I'm not sure if they're 

The only way I could make OpenBSM log any more than su'ing up was to 
change naflags to all.

According to, 

"The naflags option specifies audit classes to be audited for 
non-attributed events, such as the login process and system daemons."

So the only thing that could be happening based on my limited knowledge 
of this software, is that somehow it cannot distinguish usernames on SSH 
connections. This seems odd, to say the least, so I'm resorting to the 
list, in the hopes that someone can point me in the right direction.


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