How does one bond two interfaces together to share bandwidth?

N. Harrington drumslayer2 at
Wed Dec 13 17:03:16 PST 2006

 I am trying to figure out how to bond or combine 2
interfaces together. Such that they each share

 I have tried one way, however when I use it I seem to
have an odd broadcast occuring on my switch. Such that
I am seeing incoming traffic hit some other ports on
the switch.  Can someone confirm if I am doing it
correctly? Perhaps I have a switch issue?
Do I also need to bond the ports together on the
switch? Sadly the switch they are connected to does
not support port bonding. Does that matter? I have not
seen any mention of that being required.

 I have:

 /usr/sbin/ngctl -f- <<-SEQ
 mkpeer fec dummy fec
 msg fec0: add_iface "em0"
 msg fec0: add_iface "em1"
 msg fec0: set_mode_inet

Thanks for any help!


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