Major Version Upgrade - 4.11 to 5.x

Chad Gross avatar4d at
Mon Dec 11 20:13:20 PST 2006

On 12/11/06, Garrett Cooper <youshi10 at> wrote:
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> Chad Gross wrote:
> > First I would address the first question. Only you can really answer
> > whether
> > or not there is a benefit. Is there a specific need (e.g.
> software/hardware
> > support) for you to upgrade? If not then I would recommend against the
> > upgrade. If yes, I why not move to 6.x? I have been running FBSD since
> > 4.0and have run every revision since and would not suggest using
> > 5.x. Either stick with 4.x or move to 6.x based on your requirements.
> >
> > To answer your second question, the best place to look for help is the
> > handbook (
> >
> ).
> > Also make sure to read /usr/src/UPDATING as this may contain special
> > instructions. It is a general rule of thumb to do a clean install
> between
> > major revisions though. I have personally done them with success, but
> would
> > not recommend doing it on a production server if it is your first time
> > doing
> > one (as it sounds to be). Stick to upgrading between minor revisions
> until
> > you are familiar with the build/make process. Also these mailing lists
> > are a
> > great resource for help as is (and a few
> others,
> > use Google).
> >
> > Finally, as mentioned above, from personal experience it is best to
> stick
> > with a clean install between major revisions.
> >
> > Good luck again,
> >
> > Chad
> >>        Bad way to look at things, given that 4.x isn't supported
> >>anymore by the FreeBSD group; so anything either userland or core system
> >>related that needs to be upgraded due to a security or performance issue
> >>would require an upgrade anyhow..
>  >>       You should run at least 5.x, but it's highly recommended that
> >>you go to 6.x, due to performance improvements and the fact that you
> >>won't have to source upgrade your system again for a lot longer period
> >>of time (than if you moved to 5.x).
> >>        The only issue is that you don't have direct access to the
> machine.
> >>- -Garrett

 I apologize, I didn't realize that 4.x was no longer supported (I thought
RELENG_4 was still getting commits). In that case, I would make the move to
6.x being that 5.x wasn't exactly the best release performance-wise and it
will be moving out of support sooner too.


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