Forcing use of Bison-2.3

White Hat pigskin_referee at
Sun Dec 10 05:50:55 PST 2006


I am experiencing an ongoing problem with 'Bison'. I
have several programs on my PC that require the newer
version - Bison-2.3; however, there are also some
programs present that require the older version. Both
versions cannot coexist on the same machine

When doing an update, using either portmanager or
portupgrade, it seems that first one version has to be
deinstalled and the other version installed to allow
programs that depend on them to be updated. Then as
the update progresses, the reverse happens.

Is there anyway I can force any program that depends
on 'Bison' to use the newer version? I have tried
checking out the Makefile for some of the affected
programs, but it is just not something I understand
well enough to accomplish.


White Hat 
pigskin_referee at

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