SATA server recommendation

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Dec 7 04:54:31 PST 2006

Can anyone recommend a server to run FreeBSD with the following features:

    1) Supports multiple (say 4 or more) SATA disks (RAID optional) - 
capacity is more important than speed so SAS disks are overkill.

    2) Decent on-site support for the whole machine, so probably from a 
big-brand manufacturer.  Separately purchased add-on cards therefore a 
no-no, so no Highpoint/Areca or other SATA controllers unless they come 
with the machine.

    3) Tower format.

    4) Working ethernet, preferably twin.

    5) USB would be nice.

We started looking at Dell's, having had success with 2850s, but with 
the new product line I can't find a suitable controller I know is 
supported.  The 1900 has a SAS 5/iR for which I can find no definitive 
information; the 1430 has a SAS 5/i for which again I can find no "it 
works" info.  (Note: not the PERC 5 range which at £300+ are simply 

Has anyone got a Dell like one of these working?  Or an HP?  Sun?  IBM?



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