The Opera browser on FreeBSD

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Wed Dec 6 22:42:49 PST 2006

Jamie Jones wrote:
>> 	In fact, Flash 9 was announced in June. (See:
>> "")
> I've looked at that. The Linux version was only released (in Beta) last month, and also,
> it doesn't currently work with the linuxplugin wrapper code.
> Further more, since the FreeBSD-linux base was upgraded from rh9 to fc, my system core dumps
> on EVERY linux binary I try to run, so I've not even been able to test the flash9 beta
> in a linux binary-browser!
> Cheers,
> Jamie

	What FC core are they using as the Linux base now? Just curious.. Quite 
a few changes were made to the kernel and base system in the FC series IIRC.
	Might be better to stick with a Gentoo or Debian linux base, if 
possible because the FC series is always changing up stuff in each 
release. Also, RH9 -> FC[1-5] is a move from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 
kernel, so that may have something to play with your Linux base issues.

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