python 2.3 binary package bug

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Dec 6 11:05:47 PST 2006

Robin Becker wrote:

> more relaxing somehow even though it's really the same info. Perhaps 
> it was the fact that send-pr uses vi rather than my normal vim. All 
> those nice colours would have helped. Thanks for the pointers.

If you set $VISUAL in your environment to "/usr/local/bin/vim" (assuming 
that's where it lives) then send-pr ought to use that for your editor.  
The same is true for many other utilities which use an editor such as 
less, cvs etc.  Only need to be careful that in single-user mode you may 
not have /usr/local available in which case a quick "unset VISUAL" or 
"unsetenv VISUAL" ((t)csh) is all you need.

(If VISUAL is not set most utilities then look for $EDITOR.  
Traditionally EDITOR was expected to be a line-editor which would work 
on a teletype, but not much call for that these days :-)).


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