jail & 127.0.0.x howto

vittorio vdemart1 at tin.it
Tue Dec 5 10:15:32 PST 2006

Under freebsd 6.1 I set up an apache 2.0 server in a jail working on fxp0 and aliased as It works like a charme.

Now while IP is a fixed IP address I've been assigned by my office 
network administrator (it is also in the office DNS) the aliased IP address,, is an abuse of mine just for the sake of trying if the jail 

Because I'm entitled to have  ** one** fixed IP only, I wonder how I can use 
the 127.0.0.x adddresses to setup the jail for apache, as I found suggested, 
better "hinted", googling. A step by step example would be very helpful.
How to set up the jail using the internal addresses?


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