Realtek (re(4)) Driver in 6.1

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Mon Dec 4 14:02:25 PST 2006

Hello Pietro,

  A question,
  I have 8 servers! all intel motherboards, but some are 101 and others 945 
  all acting as NAT gateway, and the NAT NIC is dlink.
  vr0 and rl0 are my devices
  im having unknown dropdown connections! when i investigate i found nothing 
  watchdog timeout!

  Yes its heavy load, and every few days my vr0 stops acting as DHCP and i 
find watchdog
  timeout error..

  What is the solutions? (change the NICs? both?
  And how to fix it! (console solutions? )

  Thank you.

>>On Monday 04 December 2006 13:54, Jon Drukman wrote:
>> > Does the default kernel on the 6.1-R installation CD include the 
>> > re(4) driver?
>Yes, it does. But I'd suggest using a card based on another chipset.
>The re(4) serie is rather buggy: it often goes down for a while
>(watchdog timeout) on heavy ftp or cvs transfer loads.
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