Corrupted C Compiler

Josh Paetzel josh at
Mon Dec 4 07:22:35 PST 2006

On Monday 04 December 2006 07:05, Rachel Florentine wrote:
> 106Hi;
> I entered the following stupid command:
> cp -R /* /ad2
> thinking that would copy the contents of my working HD to my new
> 1/2 teraflop HD (ad2). What it did was manage to wipe out some very
> important files (thank goodness I had up-to-date backups) and it
> appears to have corrupted C compiler. I deduce this
> because when I go to build Zope (as an example) from source I have
> to run a script afterwards that repairs the broken C files. (This,
> strangely, is not the case if I build Zope from port.) So, my
> questions for you programmers more experienced than I, are:
> 1) Does my assessment make sense? Is gcc corrupt?
> 2) Whether it is or not, how should I troubleshoot/fix my problem?
> It seems to me I should re-install FBSD, but how?
> TIA,
> Rachel

It's not immediately clear to me what you mean by repairing broken C 
files.  The port uses the Zope source and the system compiler, 
presumably the same source and compiler you are using to build it by 
hand.  Are you sure you aren't just 'doing it wrong' ?

If you really suspect gcc is corrupted then some sort of binary repair 
is really your only option.  A make buildworld/make installworld is 
unlikely to be feasible.


Josh Paetzel

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