equivalent to "date -a"

Bachilo Dmitry bocha at academ.org
Sun Dec 3 21:21:59 PST 2006

В сообщении от Понедельник 04 декабря 2006 11:04 perryh at pluto.rain.com 
> Does FreeBSD have an equivalent to the Solaris "date -a" command,
> i.e. a command-level interface to adjtime(2)?  I didn't see any
> mention of a "-a" switch in the manpages for date(1) or gdate(1),
> nor anything applicable in apropos, and a grep for adjtime in
> likely-seeming parts of /usr/src didn't turn up anything either.
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date sets with no key. The command 'date 8506131627'  sets the date to ``June 
13, 1985, 4:27 PM''.

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