VoIP behind NAT and FreeBSD

Kurt Dethier kurt-list-freebsd at androme.com
Sat Dec 2 08:13:51 PST 2006

Derrick Edwards wrote:
> On Saturday 02 December 2006 09:22, Joe Holden wrote:
>> Kurt Dethier wrote:
>>> STUN will only work if you have the correct NAT implementation on
>>> your gateway. If you are using pf, you get what the STUN RFC calls
>>> a symmetric NAT. STUN will not help you in such an implementation.
>>> I'm not sure how the other NAT solutions on FreeBSD are implemented.
>>> If you need a solution for a symmetric NAT, you need something that
>>> understands the signaling protocol and can add fw/nat rules on demand
>>> on your gateway, or a media proxy (like TURN).
>>> Kurt
>> It is entirely possible to use voip behnd symmetric nat, but it also
>> entirely depends on the setup, some more details will help.
> 	Hi, 
> I am not sure of your setup either, but I have Vongae working behind a FreeBSD 
> Firewall/Router using PF with NAT. 

Hi all,
It is very possible to use VOIP behind a symmetric NAT, but STUN is not
going to be any help. Depending on the setup and clients I have
implemented a number of solutions over the past years.
Unfortunately I haven't found a single solutions that always works.


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