PHP5 and MySQL

Muhammad Omer Iqbal omer at
Sun Aug 27 11:57:13 UTC 2006

I have gone through the mysql and php docs and there are some possible
solutions listed, none of those worked. Of course, I tried looking for a
solution first before sending it here, this is like one of the last resort
places, don't want to bug people with something trivial or easily fixable.

I can post the problem here, but again, I was not too sure if this is the
right place to post the questions. Anyhow, here it is.

PHP5 documentation says that mysql and mysqli libraries are no longer
shipped with PHP and refers to MySQL page and documentation on how to
install PHP support for MySQL. The precise solution is here:

I first tried to enable only mysql, and then both mysql and mysqli. I get
the same error in both cases on my web-server (MySQL is installed on the
same server too):

	Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in
/usr/local/www/apache22/data/test.php on line 7

Looking through phpinfo, I do not find mysql or mysqli installed, even
though I have enabled, remade and reinstalled both MySQL and PHP5. In fact,
I think that my PHP5 is no longer remade, it just reconfigures it and
reinstalls it because the build date shows as Aug 22 even though I did it
today and my server date shows as Aug 27. I installed both of these using
the ports collection, but then I had to manually download MySQL because of
versioning issues, and untar and install it using the command line.


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Muhammad Omer Iqbal wrote:

> I have problems with PHP5 and MySQL running together. I know this is a 
> freebsd mailing list, not PHP/MySQL, but I am unable to find an 
> appropriate mailing list for getting my problem resolved. Can someone 
> help and let me know what the right mailing list is?

Have you just tried Googling for a possible solution? It might help if you
actually posted exactly what your problem is. Perhaps someone here might be
able to assist you.

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