AMD 64 3000

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Fri Aug 18 17:31:25 UTC 2006

> Anybody have any strong opinions on this for a freebsd 6.1 web server? We 
> are currently using a 2.40GHz celeron which is fairly slow. I'm hesitant 
> to switch to 64 bits, are there any gotchas for freeBSD?

What are you doing that would make that seem slow?
Are you sure it is the processor and not some other
part that is the bottleneck, such as disk or NIC or 
your pipe to the outside world (ISP)?

Unless you are doing some awful major crunching such as
combining a major size database with heavy calculation on 
stuff that your server puts up, you could run a pretty major 
web site on 1/4 that CPU.   Just feeding web pages, even with
pretty good size forms shouldn't be a problem.   

So, yes, 64 bits should be OK, but I wonder if it would 
solve your speed problem - if some other part of the
process is what is really holding things up.


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