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vijay d vijay.d.india at
Wed Aug 16 14:06:48 UTC 2006

Respected Sir/Madam,

    My name is vijay, please dont neglect my e-mail.

I have a quention on parallel port.

I will be thank full to you, if you reply to my mail.

My question is,

It is possible to determine the address in the data lines(D0-D7)

of our parallel port(D-25,female), which is connected to our PC?

Is there any controle word, so that i can get the address in data lines(D0-D7)?

It is necessary to enable any options in  BIOS, to receive the address in the

parallel port?

How can i connect the number of terminal to my parallel port? and  How can

i determine(get) the address in parallel port, when a perticular  terminals is


If i use socket programming exactly how can i determine(get) the address of

diffrent ports in my parallel port ?

It is necessary that, i should decode or encode the obtained informations(data)

when i connect the barcode reader to parallel port?

Where can i find the realated documents for this?

I kindly requesting   to provide a good soultion for this by giving the some

sample program in C(Turbo c) and Java.

	Thanking you,

waiting for your reply,

With regards,
Vijay D

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