FYI: USB wireless on FreeBSD 6.1 Release via ural driver

Andrew Gould andrewgould at
Mon Aug 7 18:35:25 UTC 2006

Given the occasional question regarding wireless
adapters on this list, and that I didn't see this in
the hardware notes, I thought I'd post a message:

The D-Link DWL-G122 version B1 is compatible with
FreeBSD 6.1 Release on the i386 architecture.  This is
a USB, 802.11g adapter.  Please note that the hardware
version number is important as some manufacturers like
to change chipsets without changing model numbers.

This adapter uses the ural driver.  When I plugged the
adapter into the USB port, it was identified correctly
as ural0.  Network configuration using ifconfig was
standard, except that the wlan_wep module had to be
loaded manually before the adapter could be configured
with a WEP code.

You can find a list of compatible, adapters in the
ural man page.  Remember to pay close attention to
hardware version numbers.

Best regards,

Andrew L. Gould

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